As a scrap family that has been in the business since 1930,Meridian Recycling tailors it's approach to the needs of each supplier. Specifically, we will deliver on the following:

Prompt payment:

Meridian Recycling operates with their own money; no debt-no line of credit. We will never ask you to ship your material without prompt payment.

Robust international sales network:

With representatives and relationships across the globe, Meridian scours the international market each day to ensure that our suppliers are receiving top dollar for their products.

Excellence in Customer Service:

Our support staff gives 120% each day to ensure that dealing with Meridian Recycling is an enjoyable, efficient, and pain free process. Our expertise in domestic and international logistics ensures that business flows smoothly.

Long-Term vision:

Our goal is to build relationships with companies that are interested in making money TOGETHER. Business should never be a one-way street; each company MUST profit on every transaction. This simple philosophy has been at the heart of how we do business for 4 generations.

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