Generations of experience:

Our family has been in the recycling business since 1930, and we’ve learned a lot. By the time 2006 rolled around and Advanced Recycling was sold to Schnitzer, we operated multiple automobile shredders, an integrated network of feeder yards, and supported a number of local communities. Meridian Recycling is the implementation of all the lessons we have learned over the years, and we think you will be happy with the finished product.


  • 1930- Max Cohen & Sons is established by Max Cohen Sr.
  • 1960- Paul Cohen becomes President of Max Cohen & Sons and modernizes the equipment and processing capabilities of the company.
  • 1985- First feeder yard is purchased in Rochester, NH.
  • 1990- Second feeder yard is purchased in Manchester, NH.
  • 1994- Steven Cohen becomes President of Max Cohen & Sons.
  • 1996- Max Cohen & Sons becomes “Advanced Recycling,” and a 2000HP Metso shredder is installed at Concord, NH facility.
  • 2000- Advanced Recycling installs additional downstream processing equipment for initial shredder installation.
  • 2003: Third feeder yard is purchased in Claremont, NH.
  • 2004- Second shredder is installed at indoor Claremont, NH facility.
  • 2005- Advanced Recycling reaches annual turnover of 250,000mt of ferrous scrap and 30 million pounds of non-ferrous scrap.
  • 2006- Advanced Recycling is sold to Schnitzer Steel.
  • 2012- Max Cohen, 4th-generation recycler, incorporates Meridian Recycling Limited.
  • 2013- Meridian Metal Management Private Limited is established in Mumbai,India.
  • 2015- Meridian Recycling begins jointly operating full-service facility in MA.
  • 2015- Meridian Recycling begins operations at automotive/non-ferrous warehouse in PA.
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